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With never-been-seen before elements, Silverware is armed with an unmatched visual ordering experience and innovative table management. We’ve got the technology and a wide range of features to run your entire restaurant.

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Maximize Efficiency.

Different meal plan payments ensure maximum flexibility, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Unlimited Meal Plans per Resident.

Handle by meal counts or account balance and settable daily, weekly or monthly.

Real Time Reports.

Silverware offers flexible and powerful reporting and printing based on revenue centre, segment, and service type, including cost centre on guest check.

Assign Away.

Enjoy the ability to assign multiple meal plans by resident.

Couple It Up.

Resident couples can be automatically linked to each other’s account, each configured independently.

Understand Your Guests.

By using Silverware’s Customer Relationship Management, you can offer gift cards, view critical customer data, and create rewards programs that work.

Know Your Members.

Silverware’s Customer Relationship Management makes gathering information and catering to your members easier than ever.

Order It Online.

Increase your revenue stream with SilverWare’s Online Ordering solution allowing your customers to order from anywhere.

Customize your billing.

Completely customize your billing per member and automatically generate checks at each table by accounts.

We can always help.

24/7/365 our help desk supports with proactive team leads & technical account managers.

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Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll show you exactly how we’ll help you bring more to the table and take your business to the next level. Our passion is helping your business succeed, let’s grow together!