For the first time ever, you can create your own ‘Break’! Put your imagination to work at KitKat Canada’s new (and delicious!) Chocolatory. You can channel your creativity and turn any KitKat into your canvas!

It was a magical moment on November 14th when the doors to the Chocolatory opened up in Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall; being the only store of it’s kind in North America. The new shop offers an immersive customer experience where you’re able to choose from a wide range of ingredients to personalize your own bars – how sweet is that!

From a quick cash & carry retail purchase of a limited-edition KitKat, to a custom build-your-own bar – this is a personalized experience like no other. The custom orders can be handled through mobile devices (Silverware Clover App) or fixed POS devices, allowing the user to engage with the guest. The technology is integrated with The Flipboard behind the cashier, where the guests name & order pops up to offer that extra ‘VIP’ experience.

Orders are then sent through the Kitchen Display Software ‘assembly line’ where the ingredients are added, mixed, and refrigerated. A custom label is automatically printed including the guests name and order details. Once the order is complete, Silverware Workflows automatically generates a SMS notification to the guest communicating the status of the order!

Whether you want a classic bar or want to embrace your inner Willy Wonka and ‘Create Your Break’, this is a sweet experience you won’t want to miss! You’ll have a plethora of ingredients to choose from, allowing you to take a break like you’ve never taken one before.

Have you been to the KitKat Chocolatory yet?! Tweet us pictures of your delicious creations at @SilverwarePOS!


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