Release Notes: 04-26-21



Product New Features:

  • We have built support into our system for a new scale (Magellan9300i) to allow you to sell weighable items. We have also added weight into our Sales Analysis report so you can keep track of exactly how much you are selling (by weight of course!).
  • Accurately and confidently report where your staff tips are going with our new (and improved) Tip and Team Distribution Reports.
  • Easily report on and match your guests to their Gift Cards – if a guest has a card associated to their profile, the last 4 digits of that card will be shown.
  • A ‘Digital’ World – Manage multiple digital menus with ease! Our enhanced menu availability tool within our menu designer allows you to seamlessly sync menus to multiple Digital Platforms with the click of a few buttons. If you have not seen our Contactless Digital Platform, check it out here.
  • Sell E-gifts to your guests! Contactless is important to us all. Easily sell E-Gift Cards to your guest which can be redeemed online, or person.
  • Guest Facing Descriptions have been added to the point of sale. Easily manage what your digital content displays to your guests while keeping it short and sweet for your service team.

Product Enhancements:

  • Daily Totals Report – “All Shifts” is now displayed in the header of the Daily Totals Report when All Shifts are selected.
  • Report on Reservations – With added features to our reservation platform, you can now accurately report on ‘cancellations.’
  • Future Order Report – Get a better idea of what orders you have pending in the coming days with our improved future order reporting. This will help plan ahead with more guests placing Online Orders than ever.
  • I’ll have fries with that please! – Our Combo feature received some updates; price levels will now override when a certain combination of items or mods are ordered. As well as setting a max quantity of combo groups to apply.
  • Did someone change their mind on splitting an item? No worries! Enhancements to our splitting and portioning tools will help manage those requests.

Avrio4 Mobile (iOS, Clover & Android)

v1.12.4.6 (upgrade after Avrio install)

Product New Features

  • Build your customer database to offer them an elevated and ‘curated’ guest experience. Add Clients, Look-Up, Edit, Create new Gift Cards, View History and Preferences of all your guests in your CRM Database from within Avrio4 Mobile.
  • Trying to match a payment to a bill? No problem! Avrio4 Mobile now displays the last 4 digits of a credit card so you can easily reconcile / match payments to checks.
  • Working in a Hotel Environment? Be more mobile than before! You can now print PMS Authorization slips right from your Avrio4 Mobile devices (iOS, Clover, Android).
  • Having a hard time keeping track of Guest Names and Guest Tags on an order? Our Seat Legend now consolidates and displays that information for you in an easy-to-read spot on the kitchen chit!

Product New Features

  • Did a guest change their mind halfway through the order? Rest assured! When removing a modifier in a series of questions, you will no longer lose all of your mods, but only those that belong to that question removed.
  • Job pay rates are now fully supported through Avrio4 Mobile. Allowing better tracking and reporting when your staff are signing in & out via our Mobile technology.
  • 20 Characters not enough? With extended description turned on, Avrio4 will now display the entire line of text on screen!

Pay@Table & Semi-Integrated Payments


Product New Features

  • A Pay@Table device can now look up ‘stored’ orders. This allows you to search, find and open stored checks for quick service orders (IE. to-go / cash & carry / online orders).
  • Paying check with Pay@Table devices has been made more efficient. Our Pay@Table integration will now include incoming payments when calculating balance due.
  • Running a large, multi-cost center operation? You can now filter by cost center on your devices to limit the checks you see.
  • Silverware is now integrated with Adyen Payment Processing devices.
  • Silverware is now integrated with Moneris Move5000 pin pads.
  • Silverware is now integrated with Moneris V400c Wired pin pads.
  • Silverware is now integrated with Moneris Cloud infrastructure.
  • Internal Notes / Minor Bug Fixes & Enhancements.
  • Improved Moneris Pay@Table Logs.
  • 3C Payment refunds now show as refund and not sale on the credit card slip.
  • Support for Accor F&B.
  • Bambora automatic refunds through digital platform.

Property Management System (PMS) & Client Relationship Management (CRM)

PMS v2.2.2.9

CRM v2.2.0.12

Product New Features

  • Maestro PMS now syncs and loads your clients and room posts to your CRM Database! This will help grow your CRM database and offer your service staff visibility of frequently ordered items, order history & preferences for your guests.
  • Oracle PMS now syncs and loads your clients and room posts to your CRM Database! This will help grow your CRM database and offer your service staff visibility of frequently ordered items, order history & preferences for your guests.
  • Mercury Gift Cards are now supported through Silverware.
  • Silverware is now fully integrated with Mews PMS.
  • Users can now perform a PMS lookup & post with Resort Data PMS with a Squirrel Emulation.



This version also includes additional minor fixes & enhancements. Feel free to contact us for more details.