Release Notes: 03-11-21

Online Ordering (Version 70)

New Features:

  • You can now include a Facebook Pixel code in Silverware’s Online Ordering Platform. This allows you to better track guests as they progress from your marketing initiatives through to the Online Ordering Platform.
  • The Menu Item Countdown of Modifiers now syncs between the point-of-sale & Online Ordering platform
  • The user experience for guests purchasing Gift Cards been enhanced. If a guest is logged into their Account and has a gift card associated to their account, they can now select the gift card from a list during checkout.


  • Added support so Questions on Items prompt in the appropriate sequence.
  • Added support to ensure Addresses that are entered into the Delivery field are accurate and do not change.
  • Added support for UPS Shipping freight fees to automatically calculate for guests ordering delivery items where UPS will ship (ie Retail Items).
  • Added support for Menu Override by API Key – allowing Silverware’s Online Ordering to support different menus through 3rd Party Platforms.
  • The user experience for guests checking out with a promo has been enhanced.