Programming Modifiers

This process of adding mods to work within the Digital Platform is the same as adding items. All of the same rules from items also apply to modifiers. Please note that the price will pull from the Price (Mod) tab.

1. Navigate to the question

2. Make sure the modifiers in the question are set to ‘Inherit from parent class’

3. If there are modifiers within the question group you do not want to display, unselect ‘Inherit from parent class’ and it will remove the availability from the modifier

*Please refer to Programming Menu Item on Page 6 if additional guidance is required.

Once the questions and mods have been set up, it is time to apply the question to a specific item. We will continue to use the Steak as the example.

1. Navigate to desired menu item

2. General Tab

3. Under questions, select New

4. Add desired question

5. Set the ‘Pick Quantity’

a. From 0 – X will make the question optional

b. From 1+ – X will make answering the question mandatory

The guest would select the Steak and the first ISO Meat Temp question will display.

Once a temperature is selected and the guests selects continue, the platform will jump to the next question ‘Sides’. The guest would make their selection and press continue.

There is an additional question on the choice ‘Baked Potato’, the question associated to that item will then prompt for selections.

Once all questions are answered, a summary of the questions and selections will be displayed, in which, the guest can go back to a specific question and modify a response if a mistake was made or they changed their mind

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