Programming Items

After setting up all of the Menu Groups, it is time to set up Items. Let’s dive into the nitty gritty, tab by tab.

General Tab
Button text in the Point-of-Sale


Remote Description
Kitchen printer text


Check Description
The name of the ordered item on a guest check AND the displayed name of the item in the digital platform. If the check description is the same as the description, the description will be used to populate item name in the digital platform. This is to allow longer item descriptions appear in the digital platform as thermal printers have a limit on characters displayed. See scenarios below


Long Description
The long description of the item to be used in the digital platform


Scenario 1
Check Description matches Description up to the cut off point. The item name in the digital platform will populate from Description


Scenario 2
Check Description does not match Description. The item name in the digital platform will populate from Check Description


Prices (Item) + Prices (Mod)

The default price level is the price displayed and honoured in the Digital Platform unless there is an overwriting active price level such as Happy Hour, etc.


Printing tab

Printing rules defined in the Point-of-Sale or on the item are honoured in the Digital Platform



The item should be set to ‘Inherit from parent class’. The parent class it is the major/minor class in this case. If you have more than one Menu Availability and/or you wish to manually change this, unselect ‘Inherit from parent class’ and select the desired Menu Availability. Typically leaving ‘Inherit from parent class’ is best course of action as the items will only appear in the Digital Platform if the group is marked to do so.

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