Programming Default Courses for Items

Programming a default course that the item(s) to be ordered to will reduce the amount of potential coursing mistakes guests may make while placing their order.

Default courses can be assigned at the Major/ Minor level and pushed out to all items within those classes, then modified on a specific item(s) if needed.

For this digital platform SilverWare recommends introducing a ‘Drinks’ course for guests to order their drinks to out side of the typical appetizer, main, and dessert courses.

For Major classes where the Minor class can inherit the course IE. Liquor, Wine, Beer as it will all be ordered to the drinks course (4).

1. Navigate to Manager Options

2. Menu

3. Classes tab

4. Select a Major Class (BEER for this example)

5. On the general tab you will see a line called ‘Courses, set desired Major class default course and this will push to the minor

6. Select the Minor to make sure it is inheriting the selecting from the Major

For Minor classes where the class cannot inherit the course IE. Food as it will contain appetizers (1), mains (2), desserts (3) all which need to go to different courses.

1. Navigate to Manager Options

2. Menu

3. Classes tab

4. Select a major class (FOOD for this example)

5. Due to the likelihood of having unique minor classes within the FOOD Major, we will program the minor classes specifically to print to desired courses


7. On the General Tab you will see a line called ‘Course’, unselect inherit and set to desired course (1)

8. Repeat for other minor classes within the selected Major class


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