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Table Service Solutions.

Designed with you in mind.

With never-before-seen visual elements, SilverWare Avrio is armed with an unmatched visual ordering experience and innovative table management functions like zoom, sectioning, floor plan rotation, table joining, and graphical gender- based ordering and tracking. Advanced Table Status Indicators help you determine if a potential service issue looms with just one glance at the floor plan and proactively attend to the customer, thus avoiding a negative guest experience. This solution is fit for restaurants, hotels & large venues, private member facilities, and corporate & institutional industries.

SilverWare's Table Service POS:

  • User-friendly technology allows staff to spend more time with the customer.
  • Split bills quicker and easier than ever before with our incredible Drag-and-Drop technology or by portioning orders and items.
  • Advanced floorplan status indicators help staff manage the environment with efficiency.
  • Graphical ordering with customizable floorplans and order screens.
  • Add seats and join tables on the fly with our function buttons.