Insight & Business Intelligence.

Real-time reporting, alerts, & analytics.

A compelling solution for multi-unit organizations and independents alike, Avrio’s Real-Time Cloud Reporting produces the metrics, analytics and tools necessary to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing industry. The reports offer a dynamic view of operations through dashboards and multi-store comparative and detailed store reports.

Manage by exception using SilverWare Insight. Receive immediate alerts for personalized key indicators. If you’re interested in knowing when voids hit $200 and the voids are greater than 10% of sales, you’ll have it. If you want to know when your labor costs are too high, it will be at your fingertips. The available information is practically limitless. The alerts will be pushed to your mobile device via email or SMS in real-time, allowing you to understand your business quicker than ever before.


SilverWare's Reporting, Alerts, & Analytics:

  • Receive tailored alerts and notifications based on exceptions.
  • Select from hundreds of templates and have information sent to you on command.
  • Alerts and notifications are sent in real-time via email and/or SMS.
  • Allows for ad-hoc & customized reporting.
  • Multi-store and Single-store reports are available in real-time on the cloud offering numerous filtering criteria.
  • Hundreds of dashboards & reports available at your finger-tips.
  • Drill down and view detailed information.
  • Variety of filter options available that include date range, time range, meal segment, by server, cost center, and more.
  • Export all reports to Excel, PDF, or CSV.