The pandemic has changed many things about how hotels are operated, including increasing demand for mobile technology. Hotels offered no- or low-touchpoint service to increase safety and convenience as well as to accommodate lower staffing levels, while guests leveraged the technology for fast self-service. This operational trend has become the norm but as guests become reacclimated to more hands-on service, the staff and point-of-sale solutions need to be able to support both “delivery” demands seamlessly, said Chris Donahue, GM of property-management systems at Springer-Miller Systems.
Mobility is the driving force behind the evolution of point-of-sale systems right now. “Specifically, online ordering and payments, guest-facing ordering and payments, and pay-at-the-table functions are necessities,” Donahue said. “Not only are these functions convenient and easy for guests, but it expedites service and tasks for staff.”
To manage current labor challenges, the introduction of a proper digital guest platform is critical to simultaneously optimizing sales and the guest experience for hotels, said Lucky Thalas, EVP at Silverware.
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