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Silverware takes pride in providing our state-of-the-art technology with a handful of features that will elevate your guest experience by giving you everything you need for a better workflow.
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Products & Ordering

Elevate the guest experience with ease.

We make ordering a breeze. Have your floorplan on the main screen which allows you to service guests better and provide details around the environment without even having to engage with the system. Easily see which tables are occupied, printed, paid or if a busser is required – saving you time right off the hop. Make use of the Table Status Indicators that ensure you’re providing an elevated guest experience with a quick glance at the screen with the added benefit of displaying: guests per table and what course the customers are on.

  • Ability to simply toggle between table maps and which floorplan can be accessed from specific workstations/mobile devices.
  • Fully customizable floorplans with the ability to change themes and colors on a schedule. (Day/Night Mode).
  • Seating guests – unique graphical seat selection allowing staff to show which seats are occupied and unoccupied, option for gender seat-selection, ability to add seats and join tables.

Tableside Service

Completely mobile and customizable.

No more waiting! Silverware’s Tableside Ordering is completely mobile with the ability to order by seat, by course, for the table (i.e. sharing), and by check. We made ordering panels fully customizable and our user-friendly menu allows staff to save critical seconds when ordering during peak times. With the added benefit, Silverware displays the time and order was sent saving you time on gathering the appropriate information.

  • Drag and Drop items for a seat and course right from the order panel.
  • Split bills by seat with one-touch; portion items; drag and drop to move items from bill to bill.
  • Item lookup – quickly lookup and order any item from the item search feature.
  • Visual Menu Item Countdown for each button.
  • Print bills and take payment from a mobile device right at the table.

OpenTable Integration

Integrated with the best of the best.

Silverware has partnered with OpenTable, the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations, to offer restaurants a deeper
understanding of their guests. Efficiently and securely unlock real-time guest and reservation insights from OpenTable’s cloud-based operating system. Further, this two-way integration allows staff to view diner details, preferences and order history to personalize service on the fly and curate the guest experience.

  • Details, such as dining preferences and special occasion notes are now available at the host stand and staff’s fingertips, allowing them to augment service on the fly and enhance the experience for their diners.
  • Order history offers an instantaneous snapshot of frequently ordered items by the guest, totals spent and servers from past visits, giving staff a peek into their preferences and allowing them to tailor service accordingly.
  • Hosts can see in real-time the status of tables across the floor without having to scan or walk the room, allowing them to turn tables faster and seat more guests.


We’re mobile!

Silverware’s Mobile Ordering App is available in the App Store and Clover Market Place. This native app is a full-featured Silverware POS mobile ordering solution with EMV payment processing and Room Posting on a Clover or iOS device leveraging Wi-Fi, with cellular backup to ensure uninterrupted ordering and payment capabilities from anywhere on your property.

  • Fully featured options including ordering by seat and course, the menu items are printed in the kitchen/bar.
  • POS is updated in real-time which dramatically increases service efficiency, maximize revenues, and allow operators to leverage mainstream technologies to reduce costs.
  • Available for any smartphone or mobile device that uses a web browser including Android OS, and Windows Tablets.
  • Ideal solution to serve Guests Pool Side, Beach Side, on the Golf Course, and Patio.

Bar Service

A true night owl.

Silverware delivers faster than ever speed and control with our unique Itemized Bar Tab Display configuration. A rapid “REORDER” button is available for instant repeat of last round, while its speedy tab-to-table or tab- to-tab transfers give your staff the upper hand during high volume periods. This efficient and flexible solution works hand-in-hand with your CRM program and allows you to start a bar tab with a single swipe of a customer’s credit card or driver license.

  • An extremely user-friendly interface that allows staff to spend more time with the customer.
  • Easily move a Cash and Carry order to a tab, transfer a tab to a table, and merge tabs.
  • Itemized Bar Tab Screen allows staff to easily manage a customer’s tab.
  • Reorder button will increase productivity.
  • Start a tab by swiping a customers’ Credit Card or Driver’s License.

Menu Schedules & Price Levels

Modify within minutes.

Unlimited products and menu items may be programmed and easily managed from any SilverWare POS terminal with the appropriate security access. Silverware’s highly flexible menu management allows multiple price schedules for different revenue centres in the same venue; including special event pricing or any required price level.

  • Quickly modify daily, weekly, or monthly menu schedules on the fly and add special occasion (or new) menus well in advance and schedule accordingly.
  • Menu schedules and cycles can be station, item, group, or customer specific and can be controlled daily with the luxury of testing prior to release.
  • Generate Menu Access Restrictions for Menu Groups, Menu Items, Classes, Price Levels and Schedules.

Silverware Heartbeat

Your new customizable dashboard.

Silverware Heartbeat is designed to provide you with all the reports & data you need to power your restaurant’s performance.⁠ Providing real-time graphical dashboards giving you the analytics and metrics for success. Now available with your subscription.

  • Available on all platforms.
  • Keep track of your performance in real-time.
  • One place for all your data & reports.

Revenue & Cost Centres

Increase your business with the right tools.

Silverware provides the flexibility to define revenue and cost centres by station, by employee, by service type and by table range; with the option to set the priority hierarchy.

  • Revenue Centres can even be scheduled by date/time.
  • Define revenue and cost centres by station.
  • Have the ability to set by priority hierarchy.

Employee Security Levels & Roles

Keeping everything secure.

Extremely flexible and user-friendly way to create and configure security access roles. Default Roles include Kitchen, Manager, Night Manager, Server, Owner, and Supervisor.  Create new roles, modify existing roles, or individually customize an employee’s permissions for operational, security, managerial and screen access.

  • Adjust the software to your comfort whether you’re left or right handed.
  • Compatible with biometrics, user cards, and individual passwords.
  • Set various languages by employee.

Inventory Control

Manage your costs and increase your bottom line.

Inventory costing is drilled all the way down to the recipe. The seamless integration with the POS allows you to calculate your profits and sell price of items by using a target cost percentage. This allows for optimal and accurate revenue projections. We have made the ordering and purchasing process simple and efficient. This inventory management solution has helped thousands of customers control their costing.

Please note: Integration with an inventory management solution is required.

  • Count inventory by full case, split case, and even recipe units.
  • Set par levels to ensure things are never missed.
  • Import counts from a mobile device.
  • Understand all your recipe costs by simply viewing the reports.
  • Optimize your profitability by calculating sell price based on target percentage.

Kitchen Display

Increase efficiency one order at a time.

Increasing the efficiency of your operation has gone one step further with Silverware’s flexible Kitchen Display System (KDS). The solution awards your staff with ground-breaking features to improve order accuracy, reduce food waste, and improve preparation times. Its accommodating customizable views take advantage of real-time information, gauging the average order time to increase service speed, operational efficiency, and revenue.

  • Pre-configure prep and cook times dishes.
  • Integrated with Silverware’s POS system so items populate onto the KDS appropriately based on orders.
  • Quickly move to the next order by easily removing the item from the screen.
  • View old chits and reopen them if required.
  • Configure and customize size, colour, and orientation of new orders.

Web-based Reservations

Planning made easy.

With innovation and customer-focus at the forefront, Silverware offers a Web Reservation system like no other. Allow your guests to create a profile, book a table, and choose a particular room in your venue, straight from your website or from their smartphone. Share one customer database so your staff is empowered with the information necessary to keep your guests coming back.

  • Seamlessly integrate with the hostess station at the store-level
  • View reservations in real-time
  • Drag-and-drop to seat customers
  • Scroll and browse through dates and times with ease

Customer Relationship Management & Loyalty

Elevate the guest experience.

Get to know your guests better than ever with Silverware Loyalty & Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Gathering information and catering to your guests has never been easier. The solution empowers you with
the information to keep your customers coming back.

By using Silverware CRM, you can offer gift cards, view critical guest data, and create rewards programs that work.
Capitalize on the information by developing precise marketing campaigns and offering
your customers loyalty-generating incentives.

By offering guests individual menu item incentives by schedule and the ability to convert these points to dollars instantly, a faithful customer base is closer than ever.

  • Flexible Point Program: configurable by store, menu group and/or item. Points can be awarded and automatically converted to dollars and redeemed during the customers’ next visit (i.e. 10 points = $1).
  • Set individual menu item incentives based on customizable schedules.
  • Offer credit terms which are resettable by day, week, or month.
  • Allow customers to earn points which can be converted to dollars.

PMS Integrations

Keeping everything in sync.

Our Industry leading POS solutions include multiple enhanced PMS integrations to world class property management systems. Silverware also offers an enhanced IP integration to Oracle Opera PMS and Maestro PMS, implemented at many properties including Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, and Accor.

  • Automatically adjust a F&B transaction based on Maestro package plan. Also apply member discounts automatically based on Maestro thresholds.
  • Combined POS/PMS CRM. View dining preferences and notes based on all previous visits.
  • Maestro loyalty points and client details displayed real-time in Silverware. Earn points on all transactions including F&B.
  • A better CRM at your fingertips with mobile Point of Sales options.