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Contactless Solutions

The Hospitality industry means so much to our communities. It’s where memories are made. A place where we come together. Where we celebrate. Where we go after a hard day’s work, just to relax and maybe catch up with a friend or a trusted bartender. From first dates and first kisses, to last calls and last dances. From making memories, to milestone celebrations. It’s where we can come together to spend time with loved ones, and where strangers become friends. Make your environment a safe & one-of-a-kind experience with our contactless solutions.

Contactless Digital Platform.

Silverware’s Guest Ordering & Payments allows the guest to seamlessly view the menu, place orders, and pay through their mobile phone.

Digital Menu.


Guest Ordering.


Mobile Payments.

Digital Menu.

Allow guests to view the restaurants menu. Fully integrated with the Silverware point-of-sale to give you real time pricing and inventory updates.

Fully Customizable: Maintain your brand identity with a fully customizable look & feel.

Synced Seamlessly: Menu items & prices are synced from the POS for instant deployment.

Safe & Contactless: Allow your guests to view your menu and request expert service in real time.

Guest Ordering.

Guests can place their own order – “phone to table”. Simple and intuitive technology enables guests to place food and drink orders directly from their mobile device.

Increased Guest Spend: Order sizes are increased when guests are placing the order themselves.

Decreased Labour Costs: Free up your staff to focus on up-selling & increase overall efficiency.

Elevated Guest Experience: Allow service staff to focus on curating the guest experience.

Guest Payments.

Increase speed of service and the guest experience by activating real time in-store guest payments. Guests can view bills, split, and pay from their personal mobile devices.

Intuitive Design: A clear design to split bills, add gratuity, and process payments.

Turn Tables Faster: Give your guests the freedom to dine, pay, and leave when they want.

No hardware or app required: Contactless solutions with no hardware expense. Integrated with ApplePay & GooglePay.

The Silverware Clover App

A breakthrough point-of-sale app that allows you to manage the entire guest experience and collect payments from one mobile device.

Manage the entire guest experience: From greeting the guest, ordering by seat & course, splitting & printing bills, to processing payments from one mobile device.

Seamlessly Integrated: Our seamless integration allows operators to increase service efficiency and reduce costs.

All-in-one: Includes the Silverware Ordering App, printer and credit card processing all-in-one.

Online Ordering.

Increase your takeout and delivery business by accepting customer orders directly from your website. The menu information is seamlessly shared between the Silverware POS system and the online ordering platform. Orders print in the kitchen and display on the KDS.

Get it in Real-Time: A completed order is automatically transferred to the POS system with items printing to the kitchen in real-time.

Improve Customer Experience: Geo-Fencing feature uses Google Maps to locate nearest store location for Delivery or Pickup.

Branded Your Way: Fully integrated through your website, the look & feel will allow for a centralized brand and customer experience.