Having a Loyalty Program helps engage, reward, and retain your customers! With Silverware’s Digital Platform, you can simply set up a customizable Loyalty Program that works best for your establishment. How do you keep people coming back?

Here are 5 ways a Loyalty Program

can create the best experience for your guests:

1. Increase revenue: Loyalty Programs can boost revenue from 25-95% just by sharing this with people who already trust your brand, encouraging them to spend more.  

2. Draw in New Customers: Offering points, promos and/or discounts via your Loyalty Program will have new customers interested in taking advantage of the special offers.  

3. Encourage Repeat Business: Having a rewards system allows your consumer to work towards an incentive, such as a free drink. 

4. Obtain valuable data: When your guest fills out a profile for your Loyalty Program, you can get data to create a personalized and curated experience. Whether it’s greeting them by name or knowing what they like. 

5. Shows Appreciation: Create an emotional connection with your valued guests and make them feel appreciated with free treats, birthday rewards, and more.  

We help make it easy to create a customized rewards program. From points per dollar spent, to double points based on time or day of the week! Offer your guests a platform that matches your branding and identity. Giving you and your customers the finest digital experience and helping you retain long-term beneficial customer insights overtime. 



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Revenue for Online Food Delivery projected an estimated reach of US$136,431M in 2020 worldwide. Due to the pandemic, many establishments have been utilizing Online Ordering to help them navigate these unique and challenging times. Being digitally accessible is now more important than ever for restaurant success.

Here are 5 tips on how we can help you bring more to your guest’s table:

1) Promote your website: Online Ordering is a great way to guide people to your website, allowing them to keep up to date with your establishment.
2) Upselling opportunities: Allow users to customize their orders with premium toppings or add-ons to increase order sizes.
3) Real Time Updates: Make updates to your menu and automatically view completed orders from the POS system printing right to the kitchen.
4) Enhancing the Guest Experience: Offer a one-of-a-kind experience. With our Geo-fencing feature, we use Google Maps to locate the nearest store location allowing you to offer contactless delivery or pickup.
5) Drive new traffic: Your customers can discover your restaurant’s web-based Online Ordering platform through many platforms, including Google & Social Media.

Make yourself more accessible for your customers with our Online Ordering and you’ll help maintain the success of your restaurant.


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For dining, hotels are using solutions like Maestro PMS and Silverware POS, systems that provide contactless ordering and payment, including support for splitting checks, tipping and redeeming gift cards. In addition to offering safe conveniences for guests, these systems also allow hotels to track guests’ interests and capture their orders and preferences. According to a study by Criton, 48% of people surveyed said they’d be more inclined to go to a hotel restaurant if ordering food over an app was available.


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“The timeframe over which demand recovers—especially in the U.S.—is less important than t manner in which we’ve prepared to continuously adapt to whatever conditions we face.” – Hyatt Hotels Corporation President and CEO Mark Hoplamazian

The hospitality industry is evolving. Customers are nervous and concerned about health and safety, top quality customer service can no longer be achieved exclusively through in-person interactions or even to the degree that they are accustomed to, and many guests are choosing to stay home and not travel, meaning occupancy rates are at historic lows.

The pandemic has exposed a technology gap within the hotel industry, and for many, it’s time to sink or swim. Even after the pandemic has passed, a vaccine is successful and widely distributed, we reach herd immunity, or simply when travel normalizes to pre-pandemic numbers, the hotel industry may never look the same again.

Here are 10 ground-breaking technologies which can make hotels contactless and safer for employees and guests, competitive and more efficient, and prepared to meet new technology standards in the industry.


4. (Nearly) Contactless Hotel Restaurants

While room service and robots are excellent ways to limit contact points, guests will continue to seek social-distanced in-person services like restaurants. Maestro PMS and SilverWare POS have released a contactless ordering and payment platform that allows guests to browse the menu, order, and pay all inside the restaurant via digital QR code. This platform allows guests to split the cheque, add a tip, and redeem gift cards. It also allows managers to track guest spending, identify meal preferences, apply discounts, and manage loyalty points. In a recent study by Criton, 48% of survey respondents said they would be more likely to go to the hotel restaurant if the hotel would give them the option of ordering food via an app. With many non-hotel restaurants and bars adopting this worldwide due to the pandemic, customer expectations will shift to expect hotels to also offer this option.


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