80% of guests are more likely to order from an establishment that offers personalized experiences. Not only are they more likely to order & purchase more, but they also help spread the word about your business. So how can you get your guests coming back? It starts with powerful technology that has your back.


Here are 4 ways Silverware can help attract & retain customers:

Offer scan & pay technology: Guests can scan & pay within seconds with our Contactless Payments Solution. Your servers can save time allowing them to split their check and provide a seamless payment experience.

Offer a curated guest experience: Silverware’s CRM makes it a breeze to pick up on spending patterns and previous orders, allowing you to be closer than ever to your guests.

Keep things mobile with the Silverware Clover App: Manage the entire guest experience and collect payments from one handheld device. Greet your guests, order by seat & course, to processing payments.

Offer promo codes and rewards: Our loyalty program allows you to create a promo code and rewards program that works for your operation. Offer automatic discounts, VIP price levels, and free rewards to keep your guests coming back.
When it comes down to it, if you want your guests to care about your business, you have to care about them. Leveraging Silverware can help your restaurant enhance their experience and keep them coming back!



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While rules and regulations for patio season may be different everywhere, you can always stay ready for Patio Season! It’s been a long time since many of us can interact and enjoy our favourite spots and taste our favourite dishes, so taking all steps to help your guests feel safe is important.


Here are six ways you can bring more to the patio table

and prepare your restaurant post pandemic:


  • Create Protocols & Safety Measures: To ensure the safety of your staff and guests, you can implement protocols such as: reservations-only, your mask policy, contactless serving can help gain the trust of your customers to make them feel safer.


  • User Silverware’s Contactless Technology: We all know what it feels like to have a perfect dining experience, then wait to pay. Silverware’s Scan&Pay is here to help maximize guest satisfaction and increase efficiency for your team.

    Safeguard your team from the busy work of splitting and taking payments! The new Silverware Digital Platform has a module which allows Guests to Scan&Pay. The Scan&Pay module can be customized with your logo, background and colours. When the Guest Scans their check, they are routed to your customized landing page, can view their check, confirm the tip and pay. They can even split on their own or call for help!

    Guests can pay with ApplePay or Credit Card. Click here for more info on Scan&Pay. If you are interested in displaying the QR Code Menu to the Guest and allowing them to Order, click here.


  • Social Distanced Floor Plan: Create a socially distanced layout for your patio, fully customizable on your Silverware Floorplan. Not only will this ensure a safer experience for your guests, your staff will also be able to navigate the space more efficiently. Watch our tutorial on how to Adjust Your Floorplan here.


  • Patio Heaters & Dining Pods: Just because the sun is down, doesn’t mean your patio has to close. Patio heaters and dining pods keep the guests more comfortable and can offer an enclosed unique place to dine.


  • Provide the vibes: Your guests are excited to be back, make it a memorable experience. Enhance your patio with a theme, a new menu, or maybe even a live band! It’s all about the experience!


  • Keep things Mobile: The Silverware Clover App is a breakthrough point-of-sale app that allows you to manage the entire guest experience and collect payments from one mobile device. A breakthrough point-of-sale app that allows you to manage the entire guest experience and collect payments from one mobile device. Watch our tutorial on the Silverware Clover App here.



Even post pandemic, your guests will want to maintain their health & safety. These patio ideas can help your guests feel more comfortable dining at your restaurant.



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It’s time to bring more customers to your business with Silverware’s E-Gift Cards! You can now allow your guests to order a digital gift card right from your website which will help with increasing sales, brand awareness, and strengthen customer loyalty.


Check out the top 5 reasons why our

E-Gift Card solution is a must-have, pre and post pandemic! 


1. Increase Sales: 72% of customers spend more than the gift card amount. Using E-Gift cards not only bring in money when they’re purchased, they also give an opportunity for additional revenue when they’re used.  


2. Brand Awareness: E-Gift Cards allow new customers to try and get better insight to your brand. 


3. Cost Effective: Unlike regular gift cards, E-Gift Cards have $0 physical costs, and are extremely convenient & secure. They can’t be lost or stolen and can be sent or received without any hassle.  


4. Gain Customer Loyalty: Whether rewarding a guest or processing a return, E-Gift Cards can ease up things and help retain guests.    


5. Encourage Repeat Business: Welcome new & existing customers when you let your customers purchase E-Gift Cards. 


With guests seeking the best service, our E-Gift Cards will help you not only build customer loyalty but help you build brand awareness and even drive-up sales! 



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Having a Loyalty Program helps engage, reward, and retain your customers! With Silverware’s Digital Platform, you can simply set up a customizable Loyalty Program that works best for your establishment. How do you keep people coming back?

Here are 5 ways a Loyalty Program

can create the best experience for your guests:

1. Increase revenue: Loyalty Programs can boost revenue from 25-95% just by sharing this with people who already trust your brand, encouraging them to spend more.  

2. Draw in New Customers: Offering points, promos and/or discounts via your Loyalty Program will have new customers interested in taking advantage of the special offers.  

3. Encourage Repeat Business: Having a rewards system allows your consumer to work towards an incentive, such as a free drink. 

4. Obtain valuable data: When your guest fills out a profile for your Loyalty Program, you can get data to create a personalized and curated experience. Whether it’s greeting them by name or knowing what they like. 

5. Shows Appreciation: Create an emotional connection with your valued guests and make them feel appreciated with free treats, birthday rewards, and more.  

We help make it easy to create a customized rewards program. From points per dollar spent, to double points based on time or day of the week! Offer your guests a platform that matches your branding and identity. Giving you and your customers the finest digital experience and helping you retain long-term beneficial customer insights overtime. 



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