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Nothing brings people out more than nice weather, so how are you going to drive them to your restaurant while it’s still ‘patio season’? We know that every restaurant has its own special personality, and we want people coming your way so…

here are three ‘summer approved’ ideas that’ll help you generate more traffic:

1. Get social:
Social media has a huge influence on where people head to eat. Everyone is always looking for the next big spot to share on their social feeds! Use this to your advantage. Host an incentivized social media contest and get your guests to share photos on their feed to their friends and family – a hashtag and a location mention goes a long way!

2. Brunch it up:
Brunch is the new breakfast. People now-a-days are always looking for the best brunch spot to catch up with friends and family. Enhance your brunch experience with a new summer inspired recipe or bottomless mimosas and watch guests find their way back to your restaurant weekend after weekend.

3. Make it a party:
Nice weather brings people together, make a party out of it! Host events and celebrate happy hour with happy guests. Maybe even launch a new cocktail or two. The more events you hold, the more likely you’ll become someone’s next go-to spot.

It’s never too late to start planning your activities and these warm months are the perfect time deliver delicious food & drinks!


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It’s now easier than ever to manage the entire guest experience from one mobile device! Increase revenue by servicing guests quicker with Silverware’s Mobile Ordering App – available on the Apple App Store and the Clover Marketplace. From greeting the guest, ordering by seat & course, splitting & printing bills, to processing payments, we have created efficiencies like no other.

Here are 5 ways Silverware’s Mobile Ordering helps you be more efficient:

1. Keeping you productive:
Place orders tableside or while on the move to help you be more efficient. If a customer wants another round, you can quickly re-order items without having to pace back to the point-of-sale. Navigate from table to table without leaving your section to help increase revenues (and of course tips!). Silverware’s Mobile Ordering App is a fully featured solution that allow you to give impeccable service. Enjoy the effortlessness of being able to order by seat and course with menu items being sent straight to the kitchen or bar instantly.

2. Ease of use:
The Silverware App is extremely intuitive and robust. The UI mirrors that of the fixed point-of-sale solution so no training is required in order to deploy the technology. The is the most intuitive solution on the market – helping process transactions quicker, turn tables faster and increase the efficiency of your operation.

3. Ideal for any environment:
Whether you’re are poolside, beachside, on the golf course, on patio, or simply inside your establishment; our App can help. Our native iOS App is a feature packed ordering solution with EMV payment processing and Room Posting on a Clover Flex. With Wi-Fi and cellular backup to ensure uninterrupted ordering and payment capabilities from anywhere on your property, this App is perfect to help scale your business.

4. Get things done in real-time:
With POS updates in real-time, you’ll watch your service increase. Real-time reporting allows operators to leverage mainstream technologies to reduce costs. Our advanced reporting capabilities will help you get a deeper understanding of your business and help maximize revenue and productivity. The ROI of mobility is clear, and we’ve helped change the way many of our customers operate.

5. Boost your sales:
We know you can’t afford to be slowed down by a mobile system that makes your job harder. Our mobile ordering App is the answer to an operation seeking a solution helping to turn more tables and sell more products. Drive higher orders and boost your sales with Silverware’s Mobile Ordering App. We love seeing our customers being able to provide better service to even more guests. Not only are we able to help you grow, we’re here to help you create an one-of-a-kind guest experience.


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The new integration will help hoteliers increase revenue through
streamlined food service delivery.

Los Angeles, California (July 25, 2019) – Intelity® announced today that its robust guest engagement and staff management platform now integrates with Silverware’s point of sale (POS) system. The integration between Intelity and the hybrid-cloud POS will make in-room and mobile dining solutions more accessible to hoteliers and provide them with further insight into the performance of their food and beverage programs.

“Integrating our POS with the Intelity platform will help properties reduce their service delivery times and elevate the guest experience, which is the ultimate goal of our technology,” said Lucky Thalas, Executive Vice President, Silverware POS.

Properties that use both the Intelity platform and Silverware POS will have the ability to completely automate food and beverage orders across property. When a guest places an in-room dining or mobile dining order using their Intelity-powered in-room tablet or mobile app, Silverware will automatically route the order to the kitchen or appropriate restaurant.

“The integration between Intelity and Silverware is a big win for food and beverage programs,” says David Adelson, Intelity President & COO, “The combination of our robust platform and Silverware’s efficient, hybrid-cloud POS truly elevates the in-room and mobile dining experience at a property.”

The integration between Intelity and Silverware will be first implemented at the Inn at Harbor Shores. To learn more about this new integration, please visit the Intelity website or email demos@intelity.com.

About Intelity:

Intelity is the global provider of the most advanced hospitality technology platform for the hotel, casino, cruise, and luxury residential markets. Intelity offers its customers comprehensive, fully integrated solutions to better connect and manage guest experience and staff operations, in a single platform. Intelity has been named the “Official Mobile and In-Room Technology Provider” by Forbes Travel Guide in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and has partnered with some of the most innovative brands in hospitality, including YOTEL, Equinox, Hard Rock Hotels, Frasers Hospitality, and more. For more information or to view current job openings, please visit www.intelity.com.

About Silverware:

Silverware is a leading developer of advanced technology solutions for the Hospitality Industry. The company focuses on making the hospitality industry more profitable for its clients. Silverware understands what beneficial and innovative technologies are needed to elevate the guests’ experience and create efficiencies within the operation. For more information, please visit www.silverwarepos.com.


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Restaurants Canada kicks off the trade shows this year. The RC Show held at the Enercare Centre is the foodservice and hospitality event of the year. It brings the industry together to connect, learn, taste and shop from over 500 industry suppliers. The three-day event commenced with an Opening Night Reception, sponsored by Silverware, where we were able to mix & mingle with our fellow industry peers to get things going!

Photo by National Restaurants Canada

It was a great three days seeing the cutting-edge products, transformative ideas, and chatting about the latest Silverware news. Silverware had the opportunity to share our new breakthrough point-of-sale application on the revolutionary Clover Flex device which was also presented at the RC Show Learning Lounge. We had the opportunity to discuss how this new solution can help drive efficiency and help elevate guest experience. Silverware was also part of the ‘Restaurant of the Future’ section featured by Restaurants Canada. Alongside some of the industry’s most innovative suppliers, including UberEats, Navigate Designs, and Build It By Design, Silverware was able to demonstrate how our solutions will change the way restaurants operate moving forward.

Photo by Silverware POS

The Restaurants Canada Show is something Silverware looks forward to every year. We’re anticipating RC Show 2020 as we know it’ll be another not to miss. Thank you to everyone who visited Silverware at our booth, and we’ll see you next year!


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