60% of Top Ranked Restaurants Trust in SilverWare POS

Joanne Kates Top Ranked Restaurants

Joanne Kates Top Ranked Restaurants:

Excited to announce that 60% of the Top 10 Ranked Restaurants on Joanne Kates’ 100 list have trusted in SilverWare POS!

Further, almost 40% of the entire list is using SilverWare POS.

We are proud of this accomplishment and are excited that the top restaurants are leveraging our POS and tech solutions to create a more efficient environment. This feat speaks volumes to the type of product and service SilverWare POS offers.

Contact us today to join the club – 1-888-510-5102 or info@silverwarepos.com. Check out the list: http://www.postcity.com/Kates-Top-100/.

60% of Top Restaurants

60% of The Top Ranked Restaurants trust in SilverWare POS