Having a Loyalty Program helps engage, reward, and retain your customers! With Silverware’s Digital Platform, you can simply set up a customizable Loyalty Program that works best for your establishment. How do you keep people coming back?

Here are 5 ways a Loyalty Program

can create the best experience for your guests:

1. Increase revenue: Loyalty Programs can boost revenue from 25-95% just by sharing this with people who already trust your brand, encouraging them to spend more.  

2. Draw in New Customers: Offering points, promos and/or discounts via your Loyalty Program will have new customers interested in taking advantage of the special offers.  

3. Encourage Repeat Business: Having a rewards system allows your consumer to work towards an incentive, such as a free drink. 

4. Obtain valuable data: When your guest fills out a profile for your Loyalty Program, you can get data to create a personalized and curated experience. Whether it’s greeting them by name or knowing what they like. 

5. Shows Appreciation: Create an emotional connection with your valued guests and make them feel appreciated with free treats, birthday rewards, and more.  

We help make it easy to create a customized rewards program. From points per dollar spent, to double points based on time or day of the week! Offer your guests a platform that matches your branding and identity. Giving you and your customers the finest digital experience and helping you retain long-term beneficial customer insights overtime. 



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