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We started Silverware with a simple goal: to help our clients elevate their guest’s experience. Since inception, that mission has not wavered and holds truer today than ever before. Trusted by the most notable brands around the globe, we provide enterprise to tier one establishments. We are deliberate in the type of clients we target and work with. Our clients don’t just believe we are the right technology partner now, they trust that we will consistently innovate, drive change, and partner with them to fulfill their vision. We bring more to the table, so you can bring more to yours.

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Elevated Guest Experience.

Proactively ensure you’re providing an elevated guest experience with a quick glance at your screen with a user friendly design.

We Can Always Help.

24/7/365 our help desk supports with proactive team leads, technical project and account managers.

Fully Customizable.

Enjoy the ease of customizing your order panel that is best for your environment which allows your staff to save time when ordering during peak times.

Real Time Reports.

Silverware offers flexible and powerful reporting and printing based on revenue centre, segment, and service type, including cost centre on guest check.

We're User Friendly.

You’ll find Silverware the most user-friendly Point of Sale system available in the market. We allow you to arm your staff with software that turns tables more efficiently.

We Improve Profitability.

We improve the profitability of our clients by relentlessly delivering the most innovative and beneficial technologies in the hospitality industry.

We work with the top hospitality brands around the world


Our customer-focused solutions are installed in thousands of establishments. We offer the best in server and cloud technology and the most user-friendly system available in the market allows you to become more efficient than ever before. Silverware arms staff with the ability to turn tables faster and bust line-ups quicker. Let us bring more to your table.

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